This offer is not a promise or guarantee of future earnings.  This offer is only available to Hospitality Professionals who have signed up to earn affiliate commissions when a Hospitality professional or their customer schedules premium car service through the Volta Concierge app or online Booking reservation portal. 


A Hospitality Professional is defined but is not limited to a Concierge, Travel Agent, Travel Influencer, Wedding Planner, or FBO Professional.  

Volta Compliance 

In order to receive your affiliate commissions, you must pair a live bank account with the Volta Wallet.  Hospitality professionals will need to provide the following information:

  • SSN – full nine-digit social security number
  • Date Of Birth 
  • The full name that is listed on their Bank account
  • CAPTCHA code to verify you are not a robot  

Volta Bank Wallet

The Volta Bank Wallet will be used to safely and securely hold affiliate commissions.

Affiliate Commission Distribution

A 2.9% processing fee will be charged on all affiliate commissions.  Hospitality professionals will receive a weekly recurring commission every Friday.  You have to have a minimum of $25 in earned affiliate commissions to receive a weekly recurring payment.  

Hospitality Affiliate Unique Promotional Code

Upon registering all Hospitality Affiliates will receive a unique promotional code that will be generated and assigned to the Hospitality Affiliates Volta Concierge account.  The Promotional Code must be included when the Volta Concierge in-app or online web booking is made.   

Sign Up Bonus

Upon registering Hospitality professionals are eligible to receive a $500 ride bonus for the first 25 rides that are scheduled through the Volta Concierge app or online web booking portal. 

Offers and Terms 

Volta Concierge reserves the right to withhold or deduct payments that it determines or believes were fraudulent, illegal, in error, or in violation of Volta Concierge terms or our Hospitality Affiliate terms. Our offers and terms are subject to change.